Wordle- create stunning maths vocabulary displays


I’ve been putting some thought recently to what to do to refresh the displays in my department when the time comes. Wordle.net is a superb tool for creating ‘word clouds’ like the one above. You just paste in some text, (I took mine from a maths vocabulary website) and Wordle does the rest! You can choose the font, colours and layout after creating your word cloud to fine tune it to your visual preferences.

Combine your Wordle output with Posterazor which allows you to take a pdf and convert it to a multiple-page document (for enlarging it), and you have some stunning maths literacy displays!

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  1. Fiona Jostsons says:

    Just wanted to mention a couple of other word cloud sites.
    Tagxedo – http://www.tagxedo.com/ which allows you to organise your words into a certain shape. Very cool!

    Also I really like http://www.youareyourwords.com/. Upload an image and have your words organised in your own image!

    We have also been using Popplet to get kids to match words with their meanings.

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