The Magic of Pineapples- A Brain Tingling Adventure Through Amazing Mathematics

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How are children’s puzzles and patterns based on infinity related? What are the similarities in the maths behind the shape of tropical storms and how pineapples grow? Why is much of internet security built on one of the great unsolved problems in mathematics?

A year ago I decided to write a book that answers these questions. The Magic of Pineapples was born. A year later, it’s ready! The aim of the book is to inspire maths-curious teenagers and adults into a life-long love of the subject. I want the readers to realise that maths is not just a set of routine steps that you blindly learn to enable you to live in our society, but a portal into a whole new way of seeing and understanding the world around you. I want them to see the beauty of the subject.

The content of The Magic of Pineapples is accessible to anyone proficient in secondary school maths. I teach 11-16 year olds and I wanted to write a book they could understand. Readers are not just spoon-fed facts however, with the book setting numerous challenges for them to tackle before the interesting results are discussed. The Magic of Pineapples is a hands-on, book that leads the reader into making some of the most famous mathematical discoveries themselves.

Combining interesting historical events with contemporary applications, the book makes links between many different real world phenomena, showing the reader how often the maths underlying the behaviours is the same. For example, the maths used by Carl Friedrich Gauss to quickly add all the numbers between 1 and 100 (1 + 2 + 3 … + 100 ) is the same as that used to calculate the number of handshakes that take place in business meetings!

The Magic of Pineapples discusses the big ideas in maths in a way 11+ year olds can understand and relate to. If it inspires some people into a love of the subject I’ll be very happy.

Available in the Kindle Store now:

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Coming also in paperback via Amazon soon!

Here is a video trailer about the book:

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