Types of number with a kinaesthetic approach

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4 Responses

  1. fiona says:

    I can’t agree more!! As a primary teacher in a school with a hugely kinaesthetic approach it pains me to hear our kids go to secondary school n have all resources taken away in favour of textbooks!! My advice…..multilink……cuisennaire rods and numicon!!! Must haves!!! X

  2. This is true, and is one of the reasons Singapore Math is so successful. Every lesson and concept should be taught with a concrete understanding first, to build fundamental understanding that doesn’t go away like memorization does.

    For more on the role of working with blocks in math, see this article:

    And regarding dyscalculia, I’m concerned that it may be over-diagnosed when the real problem is not a learning disability, but the prevalence of poor math teaching. For more on dyscalculia, please see these articles:

  3. Steve Croft says:

    I have used these blocks to teach sequences and series, one class became quite expert at finding the general term using them. I’ve also used them to help a class discover prime numbers.

    Has anyone else found that when handing out the. Cubes that the. It’s always seem to make guns or is it just me?