Monthly Archive: March 2013


Product of prime factors multiplication grid

I’ve got a small year 10 class that struggle with number work. We had good lesson looking at writing numbers as a product of prime factors, but they had a significant learning block in not being able to quickly find two factors of numbers when constructing their factor trees. I’ve made the following multiplication table that is adapted specifically for...


Dancing prime factors

Check out this wonderful animated visualisation for the prime factor form of numbers: click here to view. This super animation was made by the Data Pointed blog.


Numberphile- videos about numbers and stuff is a website your pupils simply must know about. It describes itself as “videos about numbers and stuff” which is a pretty good summary in my opinion. The videos are not tutorial skill-based offerings, but engaging adventures into interesting mathematical concepts and problems. I really like them as they show maths at its best: interesting problems and¬†fascinating¬†results, rather than...


Types of number with a kinaesthetic approach

This post may not surprise experienced maths teachers, those used to working with kids who find maths difficult, or our primary colleagues. However, whilst none of this is revolutionary in the slightest, it has been a new world for me and something I’d like to share. I have a small year 10 class who find maths challenging. They show many...