Triangle constructions tangram

Tangram Wolf

Tangram Wolf (Photo credit: Evelyn Saenz)

A colleague of mine, Claire Nealon wanted to adapt a resource I made a while ago of a triangle constructions tangram (see previous post). She wanted to make it more accessible for lower attaining students. Claire simplified the constructions so that the triangles are all right angled with side lengths that are Pythagorean Triples. This made the activity more accessible for her pupils who struggle reading and measuring lengths that are decimal numbers.

Click here to download the resource (Microsoft Word)

The idea is that pupils accurately construct a collection of triangles and then have to fit them together, like a Tangram to form a rectangle.

Claire is working wonders with some level 2/3 pupils this year, adapting and creating resources like these that makes the maths accessible to them. I’m learning a lot from her myself! Thanks Claire!

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