Select the England Ashes Cricket Team- An Averages Investigation

England cricket team

England cricket team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A deputy head at my school is trying is hand at teaching some maths this year after a career teaching PE. He’s doing an excellent job and recently came up with a great lesson idea and resource for an averages lesson.

Click here to download the resource (Microsoft Word)

The idea is that small groups of pupils are selectors for the England cricket team. They need to choose the best batsmen to take to the next Ashes series. They look at four batsmen’s scores over the last season and calculate the averages and range for each one. They then have to use these to justify their final team selection. This is a nice way into looking at strengths and weaknesses of different types of average as it provides a contextual setting to do so.

He reported that his pupils loved the activity and has been kind enough to let me share it with you. Enjoy!

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