BETT 2013 Star of the Show: RM Unify

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  1. Charlie Love says:

    There are alternatives to RM Unify, which is still at an early stage as a product. is an OpenSource project to develop a similar cloud portal what can be deployed a little cost. It’s worth having a look at and getting involved with if you ware interested.

  2. Ashby says:

    Yes its nice to see RM doing this kind of integration. Previously we found that in all tech seminars they were always telling us about the CCx products etc. Regarding similar projects, i think Realsmart is also another good solutions that provides integration into Google apps. They also take the hassle away of creating and maintaining user accounts by obtaining information from your MIS inc. groups, classes etc. This makes sharing a lot easier.


  1. 05/02/2013

    […] give a bit more info about RM Unify. These were initially posted on our LP by our LEA. RM Unify BETT 2013 Star of the Show: RM Unify | Great Maths Teaching Ideas Reply With […]