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A colleague of mine recently stumbled across the website of Peter Bland, a maths tutor. It contains some excellent GCSE revision resources in the form on booklets of exam questions on particular topic. They are all available form his website here, but for your convenience I have also linked to his hosted resources by topic below:

Algebra for Foundation


Box Plots

Circle Theorems

Cumulative Frequency




Locus and Constructions



Probability Tree


Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Graphs


Scatter Graphs

Sequences, nth Term

Simultaneous Equations

Surds and Indices

Transformation of Curves

Transformation and Symmetry


Trial and Improvement


10 thoughts on “GCSE exam questions by topic- bland.in

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  2. Hello,

    These are great resources but I can not access them any more. Is there any way I can get them again?

  3. Hi cannot access these resources either and would be very interested in getting any updated links as they were brilliant!!

  4. Please don’t bother buying the answers. It costs ¬£25 and I found 6 errors in the first 4 topics I tried. Actually knocked my daughters confidence as she couldn’t work out why she was going wrong. Have emailed pointing out errors and requesting refund but he hasn’t replied.

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