Angle fact flashcards (including circle theorems)

How often do your pupils calculate the answer to an angle fact question correctly, but then don’t get the mark for the ‘give a reason for your answer‘ question? Rather than ‘alternate angles are equal‘ they write any manner of things such as ‘it is a z shape and so the angles are the same‘. Since ‘z angles‘ is no longer accepted on the GCSE exam, they stand no chance of getting the mark, even though they do know the concept.

Pupils must know the appropriate angle fact language and use it. Repetition is the key and so I have created a set of flashcards that you can use with your classes on a regular basis as a quick starter to revise the angle facts. The idea is you print them out, laminate them and then shuffle them. You hold them up one at a time and the class have to say the angle fact using the correct language. You could project them on the board instead or even turn it into a mini-test. They are levelled from 3 to 8 and include types of angle, angle facts (basic and in parallel lines), the 3 rules of bearings and all the circle theorems so you can use whichever ones are appropriate for your class.

Download the angle fact flashcards by clicking here

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