Target Boards- a good way of revising types of number and more

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3 Responses

  1. Susan Russo says:

    I love this idea, especially as we work through number sets this time of year. Out of curiosity, are there repeated numbers there on purpose? I see 79 3 times; does that add something to an activity I’m not seeing?

    • Hi,

      I wrote an Excel file to generate the grids for me really quickly. I used the RAND() function to create the numbers and so there are likely to be repeats. Perhaps we could ask “which number is the mode?”!!!

      Best wishes,


  2. Rich says:

    Works well with rounding: how many numbers round to x to the nearest 10, etc

    Great resource though, you just need to think outside the box for questions, as while questions on types and properties of numbers work well, there is so much more to be had.

    And making it a competition by pairing pupils up is definitely the way to go.