Monthly Archive: September 2012


Are mini-whiteboards the ultimate teaching and learning resource?

There are no shortage of resources out there to give a teacher some feedback on what pupils have learned. Assessment for Learning (AfL) is without doubt a good thing, but there are good and bad ways to go about it. The array of technological options to conduct AfL is bewildering. Services like allow you to set up multiple choice...


Angle fact flashcards (including circle theorems)

How often do your pupils calculate the answer to an angle fact question correctly, but then don’t get the mark for the ‘give a reason for your answer‘ question? Rather than ‘alternate angles are equal‘ they write any manner of things such as ‘it is a z shape and so the angles are the same‘. Since ‘z angles‘ is no...


Target Boards- a good way of revising types of number and more

The idea of target boards has been around for a while now, and every time I bump into a maths AST, target boards are always something they seem to suggest. They are simple and good for revising types of number. Show your pupils a grid of numbers like this: Then say something like “how many multiples of 4 can you...