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English: SVG version of icon GeoGebra Portuguê...

English: SVG version of icon GeoGebra Português: Versão em SVG do ícone do GeoGebra Slovenčina: SVG verzia ikony programu GeoGebra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I looked into the feasibility of using iPads in the maths classroom last year and concluded that the time wasn’t quite right. The ‘planets were moving into alignment’, with the direction of technological development leading towards the iPad being a brilliant learning tool in the maths classroom, but they weren’t there yet.

The lack of Flash compatibility was a big issue as sites like MyMaths and Manga High use it. Also, QuickGraph is an excellent free graph plotting app but I couldn’t find an app that also handles dynamic geometry. If only Geogebra had an app for the iPad…

There is a Kickstarter project to develop the Geogebra app for the iPad. They need to raise $10 000 to develop it which will then be a free download from the App Store.

You can read more about the project on the superb Math and Multimedia blog here.

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  1. Fernandes says:


    We have released recently Dr. Geo for iPad and Android. Dr. Geo is a feature complete interactive geometry application –


    Hilaire Fernandes

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