NRich fundamental particles collection- get the Higg’s boson into your lesson!

The big news this week is the confirmed discovery at CERN that they’ve found a particle that is almost certainly the Higg’s boson. Many people are considering this the biggest scientific discovery for more than 50 years and as significant as putting a man on the moon.

Here is a superb TED video giving an introduction to The Standard Model, the current theory of how matter works at the smallest level, and also an explanation of why finding the Higg’s boson is so important.

The God in Small Things

NRich have put together a great collection of activities and resources about fundamental particles and physics relevant to the Higg’s discovery. Many of the resources are at key stage 5 level but can be accessed by high ability key stage 4 pupils. I’d certainly recommend having a look through them and seeing what your classes might be able to get their teeth into.

There’s a joke in here somewhere, hmmm. How about “what does a fundamental duck say?”…. Quark quark quark…

I’m sure you can do better. Suggestions welcome in the comments box 🙂

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