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A few weeks ago I was approached by the TES Secondary Maths Advisor, Craig Barton to join the new TES Secondary Maths Panel. The vision of the Panel is to raise awareness of the treasure trove of teaching resources that have been uploaded to the TES resources site and to act with editorial control to bring the best of them to your attention as easily as possible. Panel members will also write articles relating to maths teaching in the TES Magazine. I accepted the invite along with 12 other teachers and the TES Maths Panel was formed. You can see the profiles of the Panel members at this page.

The first project of the Panel was to create a series of Topic Specials for the secondary maths area on the TES Resources site. By TES’ own admission, the search functionality on the site has room for improvement and thus it is not always as easy as it should be to find the highest-rated, most-relevant resource to your search. The Topic Specials are the result of the panel sifting through the resources and choosing the 10 best on the whole of TES for each topic. Click here to view the Topic Specials. The Topic Specials feature some really excellent teaching and learning resources and will save you lots of time searching. We have divided up the whole secondary maths curriculum and written a Topic Special each. My own contribution was the Pythagoras and Trigonometry Topic Special. You will need to sign up for a free TES account to download the resources.

In addition to the Topic Specials you will see other resource collections on the Secondary Maths Resource Collections Page. These include GCSE revision resources, revision videos, MEP resources, National Strategies resources and much more. I’d strongly encourage you to take a look and bookmark the page.

An alternative route to the Secondary Maths Resource Collections Page is to go to the main TES website (www.tes.co.uk), then click resources, then secondary, then maths, then TES maths resource collections.


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