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The Flipped Classroom model is getting a lot of press in education circles these days as a teaching and learning strategy that promotes independent, student-centred learning. This approach is generally relatively new and experimental in maths classrooms and adopting a Flipped approach in your own classroom may be a step into the unknown. As with anything new we try, we will make lots of mistakes and learn from them. The wisest of all people learn from other people’s mistakes so they don’t make the same ones themselves.

There’s no need to start blind with a Flipped Classroom model now as an American maths teacher, Crystal Kirch has journalled in detail her experiences of flipping her maths classroom for a year.

Flipping with Kirch is a must-read if you are interested in running a Flipped Classroom model. Detailed and honest about the difficulties as well as the benefits, Crystal’s blog gives a balanced account about her experiences of running a Flipped Classroom model. She’s has done her best to collect data to analyse the performance of her flipped class against previous classes taught traditionally. Whilst not academically rigorous, she is doing all she can and being a scientifically accurate as is possible in an education environment.

Anyone interested in running a Flipped Classroom no longer needs to walk this path blind and alone. Have a read of Flipping with Kirch to learn from her mistakes and obtain her advice on the pros, cons and practicalities.

Great work Crystal!

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  1. William,
    Just came across this post thru my blog stats and wanted to say thanks for the compliments! I have enjoyed being able to reflect on my journey and share it with others. I appreciate you sharing my blog link with all of your followers as well!

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