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There are so many great social networks and other web services out there to help us all connect but the really annoying thing is that not one of them has all your friends and family on. Many of my teaching friends are on Twitter and Google+ and school friends on Facebook. Some of my family are not on social networks at all.

If I want to have a video chat with them I need to see if they have a Skype account or a Google+ account, of if they have the video plugin installed in Facebook. If they have an Apple device then a FaceTime chat is a possibility.

Isn’t this so messy! What if all you had to do to have a video chat with someone was send them a web address and then a video chat opens up? What if it worked in every browser and without signing up for an account? What if it didn’t require the other person to install any software at their end, it just worked in the browser straight away?

That day has finally come. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Check out this amazing service that does everything mentioned above and more. The uses in education could be huge. Imagine how easy it would make video conferencing if all you had to do was send pupils a web link?

Currently up to 5 people can talk in the same online video chat and there are additional features such as a note-making section that automatically emails you any private notes you made during the meeting, and live text chat between participants. This is a new product but they are working on additional functionality such as compatibility with Android and iOS devices, the ability to share files and share parts of your screen during the video chat.

To be able to use such a high quality service without the need for yet another login and password in this day and age is so novel and I thoroughly suggest you check it out!

If you have any suggestions and ideas or would like to share any experiences of how you can use this in education then please do let us know in the comments section below.

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