Interesting reads from the blogs 06/04/12

A bumper edition today with some superb articles and resources. Don Steward of the excellent MEDIAN blog in particular has been very busy making some stunning resources…

Critics of the Flipped Classroom- Flipping with Kirch

Teachers using the Flipped Classroom data posted- Flipping with Kirch

Will Your Students Soon Be Wearing Google Glasses?- Edudemic

maxagon- MEDIAN

four lines- MEDIAN

trapped semicircle- MEDIAN

on target- MEDIAN

pizza- MEDIAN

tubs- MEDIAN

7 pins- MEDIAN

four triangles- MEDIAN

unusual square roots- MEDIAN

area 5- MEDIAN

4 in a line and coordinates- MEDIAN

4 in a line and negative coordinates- MEDIAN

3D shapes to draw- MEDIAN

soma puzzles- MEDIAN

perps- MEDIAN

chanting- MEDIAN

Happy Birthday Einstein (part 4)- Let’s Play Math!

Why Every Proof that .999…=1 is Wrong- Let’s Play Math!

Where are you on the global payscale?- Educational Origami

Mathematics Fortune Tellers- Number Loving

What will be obsolete in 2020?- Mind Shift


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