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MEDIAN is written by Don Steward and is quite simply one of the very best maths teaching blogs I have come across. It’s aim is to share maths resource and lesson ideas for teachers of 11-16 year olds. The activities featured on the site are often problem solving based and very engaging. Don describes his interest as ‘finding effective tasks for teaching 11-16 maths’. His suggestions remind me of NRich type activities where pupils are ‘using maths with a purpose’. Rather than solving 10 questions for the sake of it pupils are solving questions to help solve a problem and that makes the activities so much more engaging.

One example of some excellent resources produced by Don are the Practice Makes Perfect Series:

An example of one of Don Steward's Practice Makes Perfect resources

Rather than just provide pupils with 24 questions to help them with their revision, these resources give you lots of options as a teacher to do something more engaging. For example, using the grid of questions above you can turn it into a game of ‘4 in a line’ where pupils are split into two groups and compete against each other choosing questions and highlighting them in their team’s colour to win by getting 4 in a line.

Another brilliant resource is fibonacci sequences and equations which introduces concepts in algebra such as variables, sequences and equation solving but in a way that hooks pupils as they try to figure out the maths behind the magic happening around them.

MEDIAN is regularly updated and top read. Highly recommended.

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  1. Rob Oldfield says:

    excellent resources! Very clever and engaging

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