Interesting reads from the blogs 23/03/12

My teaching benefits a great deal from me reading the dozens of maths teaching blogs I subscribe to. Most days I take a read of them and grab the best of the latest resources and lesson ideas. Reading them is made much easier by subscribing to their RSS feeds in Google Reader, a free product from Google that I can’t recommend highly enough.

I want to share the best blog articles that I find with you and so will be sharing them with you in interesting reads from the blogs posts. I can’t say I’ll commit to doing it once every week but I hope to do it regularly as time allows.

So, without further ado here are interesting reads from the blogs 23/03/12:

James Paul Gee on Learning with Video Games- Edutopia

Instant Graphs- Number Loving

101 Questions- A New Maths Questions Site From Dan Meyer- Free Technology For Teachers

Using Latex in GMail- Math and Multimedia

Paper Toys- Free Technology For Teachers

Jumping- MEDIAN

Does the “Flipped Classroom” increase student understanding and proficiency? [Flipped Data Part 3 – Math Analysis Unit O]- Flipping With Kirch

DVR Dilema- Yummy Math

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