The Ultimate Maths Faculty- using social networking and collaborative working technologies for amazing free CPD

Allow me to introduce The Ultimate Maths Faculty. This is a project created by Dave Gale (@reflectivemaths). Dave is a maths AST and founder of the Reflective Maths Teacher’s Posterous blog. The idea is simple, but the impact could be a paradigm shift in the way we look at CPD. I believe getting involved with this project could be the best CPD you’ve ever had, and it’s totally free.

The Ultimate Maths Faculty is an attempt to share best practice by connecting brilliant teachers around the world using social networking. These teachers then work in their free time using collaborative-technologies to share ideas and produce guidance on high quality pedagogy for teaching specific topics.

The social network of choice is Twitter and the Ultimate Maths Faculty’s actions can be followed at this hashtag: #UMFac. Dave also posts progress updates through his blog.

The first project worked on by the Ultimate Maths Faculty was to produce best practice guidance on how to teach surds. A GoogleDoc document was made available that anyone could edit to contribute their own ideas of how to teach this topic. Click here to view the document. You will see a melting pot of ideas with teachers recommending their own suggestions then sharing their views on those of others. Dave is going to collate the ideas expressed in the GoogleDoc document and then produce a’ model lesson’ and teacher guidance from it.

The project is still new but other topics are now being explored such as:


Linear Equations


Please feel free to join the Ultimate Maths Faculty yourself by contributing to the GoogleDoc documents above. Share your suggestions on best practice for teaching these topics. Follow the Twitter group at #UMFac and also Dave’s blog. Make sure you add your name to the Ultimate Maths Faculty list as it will allow you to connect with brilliant maths teachers around the world.

I am personally very excited about this project as it blends the power of ICT to connect people, with the collective will of teachers to improve their own practice through sharing their expertise. Isn’t this project the pure essence of what CPD should be?


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