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Laura Rees-Hughes and Sharon Derbyshire are teaching resource megastars! Many of their wonderful resources have been available from Craig Barton’s site  ( for a while, but they have now created a resources website to share all of their amazing creations. Please allow me to introduce:

The resources are a long way from ’10 questions about ….’ worksheets. On the Number Loving site you will find Top Trump card games, treasure hunt activities, QR code activities, matchup cards, quiz-quiz-trade activities, collective memory sheets, online investigations, revise and draw activities and much more. The resources will have your pupils doing ‘hands-on’ maths in engaging, active ways.

Laura has kindly agreed that I can feature some of her and Sharon’s resources on Great Maths Teaching Ideas. Here is a sample of some of their ideas:

Adding and Comparing Fractions Top Trump Cards

AFL Quadratics Match Up

Angles Musical Statues

Area and Volume Formula Match Up

Bingo Expanding Single Brackets

Circle Theorems Bingo

Loci and Constructions Murder Mystery

Volume QR Reader Treasure Hunt

I can’t recommend highly enough! Definitely have a look when you get a moment.

You can follow Laura Rees-Hughes and Sharon Derbyshire on Twitter. Their Number Loving Blog is a fantastic read and available at this link.

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