Improvements to the Great Maths Teaching Ideas website

This blog post is particularly relevant to all our regular readers and explains a few improvements that have now gone live on the site:

Links to resources in the menu bar

The menu bar has contained a link to our resources page for a quite a while now. That page features a variety of different resource collections. I believe that the majority of teachers who are searching for a resource would prefer to by topic rather than by the resource author. Therefore I have created four resource pages: number, algebra, shape and data. These will contain links to teaching resources by topic and will be available from every page through the new links in the menu bar. Each new resource page has been organised into sub-topics and listed alphabetically to make searching for resources about a specific learning objective much easier. All relevant Great Maths Teaching Ideas’ blog posts, going back to June 2010 when we were founded have been linked to in the new resources pages meaning you don’t have to scroll back through endless blog post pages to find the resource you are after; you can now find it filed in a logical location in the new resources pages. Click the links in the menu bar to check out the new, and growing, collection!

In the near future I shall remove the link to the old resources page, leaving just the four new pages. I believe, mostly teachers come to the site for bespoke resources and ideas about specific topics, not to access whole resources collections. I’m assuming people have textbooks, Ten Ticks, or similar for easy access to comprehensive resource collections, so when they come to Great Maths Teaching Ideas they want to find something a bit different.

Don’t worry about losing links to our current/old resources. Things have just been organised into a more intuitive system. For example if you want a circle theorems resource you’ll visit the shape resource page (accessed from the menu bar) then scroll down the alphabetical list to circle theorems. All of the Geogebra resources are now accessible in the correct section of the new resource pages. Whilst I shall remove the link to the old resources page, I shall not delete the page and it’s sub-pages so any links you have elsewhere pointing to these pages will still work in the future.

The idea is to tailor the site to how people want to use it and to make navigation as easy as possible. I hope you like the new approach!

Resources now on our server

Historically, we have used a variety of document storage solutions such as GoogleDocs and Scribd. To make accessing our resources quicker and easier they have now been put on the website’s server. All links to resources in old blog posts now point to the resource on our server. The idea is to make accessing resources faster and easier for you!

Commenting made easier

Until now you had to sign in with a WordPress login to comment on Great Maths Teaching Ideas. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t great as many of our readers wouldn’t have a WordPress account. To strike the right balance between allowing readers to comment easily and keeping spam comments at bay, the commenting settings have now been set so that all you need to do to comment is enter your name and your email address. Your email address will not be published. Your first comment will require me to manually approve it but from then on you can comment instantly without moderation. I hope you agree these are positive changes and ones that should encourage our readers to share their thoughts with us a bit more often.

Contact page

Finally, a new contact page has been created. This is in response to readers saying they would like to be able to get in touch with us without having to use the social networks. The contact page now includes our email address for those readers who would like to get in touch that way. You’ll find a link to the contact page in the menu bar at the top of the page.

We’d love to hear your thoughts

I hope through these improvements, you find Great Maths Teaching Ideas even more efficient to use and an enjoyable, intuitive site to visit.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about our improvements in the comments section below.

Thanks as ever, for your amazing continued support 🙂

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