Monthly Archive: March 2012


Proportionality formulae conceptual card sort

To help pupils understand the main concepts in the topic of proportionality formulae I have created this conceptual card sort. Pupils have to sort the cards into eight groups based on the types of proportionality assessed at GCSE. Within each group there will be 4 cards that include: the proportionality expressed in words, the proportionality expression, the proportionality formula featuring...


100 Things Awesome Teachers Do goes live in the Amazon Kindle Store

If you have been holding out on getting 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do when it goes live in the Amazon Kindle Store, wait no longer! Here are links to the book on Amazon in various countries: US Kindle Store UK Kindle Store DE Kindle Store FR Kindle Store IT Kindle Store ES Kindle Store Thanks for your support and I...


MEDIAN- a stunning blog bursting with rich activities by Don Steward

MEDIAN is written by Don Steward and is quite simply one of the very best maths teaching blogs I have come across. It’s aim is to share maths resource and lesson ideas for teachers of 11-16 year olds. The activities featured on the site are often problem solving based and very engaging. Don describes his interest as ‘finding effective tasks for...


Interesting reads from the blogs 27/03/12

15 Favourite iPad Apps As Selected By Teachers- Emerging Ed Tech A US President’s Proof of The Pythagorean Theorem- Math and Multimedia An Eggciting Eggstravaganze of Eggresources- Number Loving One For Me, Two For You…- MEDIAN Sustaining Success Despite Budget Cuts- Edutopia Tough Algebra- MEDIAN 25 TED Talks Perfect For Classrooms- Edudemic


100 Things Awesome Teachers Do goes to n.o. 1!

100 Things Awesome Teachers Do has today gone to the n.o. 1 spot in the Education and the Professional & Technical sections of the Apple iBookstore! I am totally speechless and overwhelmed. This will be a day I shall remember for a very long time. Thank you so much for all your support in making this possible. The growth of...


100 Things Awesome Teachers Do goes live in the Apple iBookstore!

My ebook 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do has just gone live in the Apple iBookstore! It has started receiving testimonials. Here is the first one: “William Emeny’s 100 Things Awesome Teachers Do is a fantastic book, crammed full of wonderfully unique ideas to engage learners, improve learning and create that buzz about your classroom. The book is separated into 10...


Interesting reads from the blogs 23/03/12

My teaching benefits a great deal from me reading the dozens of maths teaching blogs I subscribe to. Most days I take a read of them and grab the best of the latest resources and lesson ideas. Reading them is made much easier by subscribing to their RSS feeds in Google Reader, a free product from Google that I can’t...


The Standards Unit including software

The Standards Unit are a collection of resources produced in response to the Smith Report by the Department for Education and Skills. They use ‘active learning’ strategies that were originally planned for use post-16 but have now been introduced into the secondary sector. The well known Dr Malcom Swann of Nottingham University played a big role in the development of...


Awesome maths blogs

Craig Barton has made a short video giving you a tour of what he thinks are the best maths blogs currently on the net: Web Whizz 21- Maths Blogs Here are links to the blogs Craig mentioned: Number Loving Reflective Maths Teacher Maths, Learning and Web 2.0 Great Maths Teaching Ideas Douglas Butler’s Blog Mr...


The most amazing, ancient and singular number, wow. I mean wau

Here’s another classic mind boggling video from Vi Hart about a very amazing number… The most amazing, ancient and singular number At a more basic level this idea could be used to introduce the idea of identities. Great stuff Vi! Thanks to @SamGWebster for bringing this to my attention.


NRich activity about square numbers- Cycling Squares

Cycling Squares is superb NRich Maths activity to get pupils familiar with the square numbers. The idea is that the pupils get the worksheet above and have to place the numbers into the spaces in the circle. Each adjacent pair of numbers must add up to a square number. I have used this activity a lot myself and find that...


Singapore’s 21st-Century Teaching Strategies

The following video was posted on the wonderful website. It explains the contemporary approaches and strategies Singapore is adopting in their education system. As a teacher, I want to teach in an environment like this and if I were a student I’d want to go to a school like this. Undoubtedly we only see the best and glossy side...


Inspiring pupils into a STEM career- agile flying robots…

More TED I’m afraid…! This time it is a stunning talk given by Vijay Kumar about small autonomous robots that can fly and cooperate. This cutting edge research really shows how exciting a STEM career can be. I believe passionately that pupils need to see videos like this one to understand what amazing things you can do with maths, technology...