MathsNet and NRich Maths 3D shape resource heaven

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6 Responses

  1. I love those resourses from rekenweb! My favourite is ‘building houses with side views’ because it extentds very well when you try to get extra points for using less cubes.

    Your link,, doesn’t seem to work though.

  2. charlie cloke says:

    they should really put it back up it was really good and they would get more visitors by putting that game back up

  1. 22/02/2012

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  2. 03/03/2012

    […] for visualizing isometric views. I found another superb 3d math applets site,  Maths.Net, through Great Maths Teaching Ideas. includes applets for exploring prisms, nets, platonic solids, and other 3-dimensional […]