Enriching maths for your students- The Mathematical Palette

The Mathematical Palette is a new blog from the fantastic Guillermo Bautista. To add to his already prolific blog collection, including Mathematics and Multimedia, Geogebra Applet Central, School of Freebies and Blogineering, this new blog is aimed at enriching maths for your pupils by finding maths in everyday situations and presenting it in an interesting and light hearted way.

Already featuring the maths of crisps and donuts, and looking at the artistic genre of pointillism, The Mathematical Palette is certainly a blog you could encourage your students to subscribe to if they want to find interesting uses of maths in the real world.

How one man can maintain so many high-quality blogs I’ll never know, but Guillermo Bautista has potentially done it again with this one. Early signs are good. Certainly one to watch…

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