Educreations- make fantastic videos for your pupils quickly, easily and for free on your iPad

Educreations is a free iPad app that allows you to make educational videos for your pupils on you iPad and then distribute them easily. There are many things that Educreations does particularly well which fit together to make to whole process of creating and then sharing the video very quick and straight forward.

Easy to use interface for producing your videos

First download the Educreations app from the iTunes Store. The whole interface is very intuitive. The toolset is currently quite limited as you are just able to write (in 10 different colours) and import pictures from your iPad Photos app or your Dropbox. You can create ‘slides’ as you would in a Powerpoint presentation. Then recording your video is just a press of the record button and off you go. When you have finished it automatically saves the video to the cloud at and gives you the option to share it through email, Facebook or Twitter using the generated URL link.

Uploading, resizing, rotating and moving around images is easy

It’s not without it’s niggles. The company is a two-man startup and the product is still in its infancy. One frustrating thing is that if you create a video and then send someone the link to it they cannot view it on an iPad! The player uses Flash which isn’t supported on the iPad. Viewing it on any other device is fine but it does seem a little silly that you can’t view the web-published versions of your videos on the device they were created on. You can of course view them in the app itself and everyone else can watch them online on any device except the Apple mobile i-devices. I have been in contact with the founders and they are working on a fix for this niggle which should be sorted soon. To be honest, for what I am using it for this is not a problem. All my pupils have access to computers even if they have iPads so they can watch the videos.

The playback quality of the video is high with the transitions being very smooth

Overall, the whole process really couldn’t be made any simpler. It’s by far the easiest way I have found of recording and distributing educational videos to my pupils and I strongly recommend it to you.

13/12/11 UPDATE: Educreations have confirmed with me and on their blog this evening that they have put developing a solution to the viewing videos in Safari issue on their development roadmap.

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