Online gaming to practice your maths-

As teachers we sometimes feel like we are losing our kids to the online gaming world. The lure of Xbox Live proves too much for some when they should be doing their maths homework. combines the fun pursuit of online gaming against other human beings with maths practice! You play 1 minute maths games where you answer as many questions as possible. These can be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a mix of all of them. You have an animal avatar and are racing against the avatar of another online person answering the same questions. You can see the national flag of the person you are competing against.

I thoroughly recommend Tutpup as an engaging way to get kids practising their maths basics and use it often as starters or plenaries.

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  1. Ruth Sanderson says:

    the tutpup link goes to a moshi monsters site – is this right?

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