iPads in Action Conference

On Tuesday 6th December  I was fortunate enough to attend the ‘iPads in Action Conference’ at the brand new Longfield Academy in Kent. The school are three months into running a 1-2-1 iPad scheme with their 1150 students.

The day discussed the academy’s vision for the scheme which included:

  • To redefine the relationship between the students and teacher
  • To provide every student with the chance to use technology in multiple locations and so improve their learning where ever they are, at the Academy or at home
  • To develop exciting and engaging lessons that allow cutting edge learning experiences

They went into the planning and implementation considerations and gave us a tour of the place to see iPads being used in lessons.

An excellent detailed write up of the day was done by Rob Harrison on his blog here. I suggest you read it!

I left Longfield that night realising that 1-2-1 iPad schemes can be done well. The devices were being used in many imaginative ways to improve learning and the teachers were embracing the technology.

If you are looking into an iPad 1-2-1 scheme you should definitely read this website made by the Victoria Government in Australia.

I’d love to chat with you if you’ve got thoughts or experiences with this idea. Please get in touch with me on Google+ by adding me to your circles. We could even do a video hangout if you’d like.

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