Monthly Archive: November 2011


Euclid’s Elements available online free and interactive!

Euclid‘s Elements is the most successful and influential textbook ever written. Only the Bible has been published in greater number. It is a beautiful illustration of an axiomatic approach to maths which is still the basis of our maths today. Many high-school students learn but a fraction of the postulates in Elements throughout their whole school career and often no...


The best maths GCSE revision videos you’ll find… CGP MathsTutor

Since March this year I have been making instructional videos to help my pupils with their learning. I have made them available through the website and also free in the iTunes Store. This has been a successful initiative with the videos being downloaded over 27,000 times from iTunes alone. The videos filled what I thought was a gap in the market...


Posterazor- Help making your classroom displays stunning

Posterazor is a fantastic free program that you can download from here which allows you to create large posters. If you have an image file it will slice it up so that you can print it on many sheets of paper to create a large poster. I have used it and found it to be easy to use and it produced...