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I found out that all the pupils in one of my year 11 class own a iPod Touch. This has got me thinking about how I can use these wonderful devices to improve the learning of my pupils. When surfing the web one night I stumbled across a graph plotting app called Quick Graph.

First impressions are very good and the app has lots of five star reviews. You can stick to plotting straight line or quadratic graphs if you like but it does also have the functionality of plotting in 3D too. The interface is very well designed making the app much easier to use than any graphic calculator I have ever seen.

I’m going to experiment using this app to teach various graph topics this year, letting pupils use this on their iPod Touch rather than using a graphic calculator. Homeworks using the app could also be an option which certainly wouldn’t be available with a class set of graphic calculators. I hope the pupils will find this much more engaging than a low resolution black and white graphic calculator and look forward to seeing their faces when I tell them to get their iPod Touch out in my lesson!

Screenshot of Quick Graph plotting the equation y = 3x + 5

Click here to download Quick Graph for free from the iTunes App Store.

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    […] may want Quick Graph for iPad, Ipod Touch, and iPhone presented by William Emeny at Great Maths Teaching Ideas. For […]

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