Class Dojo- a modern take on behaviour management

Check out this fantastic new behaviour management tool called Class Dojo. This video explains how it works:

There are lots of things that I think are fantastic about Class Dojo including the engaging competitive side of the software where kids feel they have to compete to earn the points. It is worth saying now that this isn’t just for rewarding ‘old-fashioned good behaviour’. You can tailor the rewards so you can use it to promote the learning envioronment you want, rewarding things like excellent questions, great insight, creativity and helping others. I’m using it with my tutor group to reward service to our class and/or the school.

There is a mobile web-app for the site too so you can be giving rewards out whilst you are walking around the room via your smartphone.

This isn’t right for all classes, far from it but I do believe it is a fantastic tool in it’s own niche.

Class Dojo is free if you sign up now whilst they are trialling it. 

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2 Responses

  1. val says:

    i love class dojo

  2. Roy Bird says:

    Class Dojo has gone from strength to strength over the past couple of years I’ve been using it. Even has an Android app now.

    It certainly helps direct the class to a more positive way of thinking.

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