Flashy Maths and the power of ICT

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If you haven’t heard about FlashyMaths.co.uk then you are in for a treat! It features lots of interactive webpage games, on a variety of maths topics. The kids love them and they all provide genuine educational value.

Tonight I had one of those ‘why I went into teaching’ moments where one of my pupils who has an FFT ‘prediction’ of a G was solving grade C equations (unknowns on both sides) using the excellent Solving Equations Applet. The power of ICT to enhance learning really hit me in the face tonight as I realised that no chalk-and-talk lesson could have had the same impact as this interactive applet for this pupils’ learning. He loves computer games and as soon as solving equations was framed in this format he was totally engaged and made amazing progress. At the end of the day he could even write down solutions on paper :-)

Here are links to the current crop of interactive applets on Flashy Maths:

Angle Asteroids

Shoot the asteroids by telling the spaceship what angle it should turn.As the game goes on, it gets more difficult, with more angles. Game has cool sounds and exploding effects!


Rescue the waving man by telling the ship what bearing it should sail at. Avoid the floating icebergs!
000 is north
090 is east
180 is south
270 is west


Factorise the quadratic expression using arrows to change what is in the brackets. Allows you to test and simplify what you have and gives you another try if it’s not right.
Gets quite difficult by level 5!!

Updated version improved the look slightly and fixed a few bugs.

Cartesian Alien

You have 30 seconds to shoot as many aliens as possible. You are given the co-ordinates of where an alien has been detected, which you must use to shoot the alien as quickly as possible.Uses all four quadrants.

Fraction Matcher

Try to find matching pairs of equivalent fractions.
Two teams take it in turns to see who can find the most. If you find a pair, you get another turn. Tests fractions and memory!

Now updated with sound effects and custom difficulty levels.

Rotational Symmetry

Click the play button to watch the shape rotate 360 degrees. As it turns, count how many times it fits back onto itself (bottom box) to give its order of rotation (top box).After seeing the first couple, a class should be able to do the rest on their own, possibly as a test. Currently contains 14 shapes.


Small demonstration of sequences. Click random then generate on top sequence then try to make same sequence using arrows on bottom sequence. Works well if you start off by constructing sequences in two parts, testing to see how close you are.Click grey boxes to reveal what is under them.

Solving Equations

A useful game where you try to solve equations by doing the same thing to both sides. Use buttons at bottom and click apply to make it happen.Levels 1 and 2 have 1-step equations, level 3 has 2-step equations and level 4 has unknowns on both sides!


Not really a game! A timer I wrote for the IWB, since there didn’t seem to be much around. Will start, stop and split, or countdown from any time you want.

Transformation Station

A large game where you are given a shape and a transformation and you have to fill in the image. The shapes get bigger and the transformations more difficult as you progress. You have 3 lives to get the highest score possible.

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