Monthly Archive: August 2011


Blogging for the pupils and

Last year I experimented with setting up Facebook Pages relating to my classes that the students could ‘like’. This allowed me a good way of sending them links to learning resources and key information without them being able to see my profile. It worked reasonably well. The 16 year-old Year 11 pupils all had a Facebook profile and used it...


Stay or Switch? The Monty Hall Problem

Jeremy Jones has created a brilliant website called “Stay or Switch” which allows you to play the Monty Hall Problem game show! It records your success and failure so you can use relative frequency to see the difference between staying or switching. The site goes on to provide four different explanations for why you should switch. Excellent for a computer-based...


A Mathematics Project- Will you be part of this?

I’ve got an idea for something that I think could be really awesome. I’d love to share this with you. Here’s a short video explaining the idea: If you would like to be part of this then sign up below: Enter your email address: ┬áDelivered by FeedBurner   I hope we can get many people to join this project so...