Monthly Archive: July 2011


TimeToast- Make Beautiful Interactive Timelines

TimeToast is an excellent free web-based tool for creating interactive timelines. Click here to view an example of a ‘history of maths’ timeline. TimeToast is easy to use and produces very engaging results. The history of maths timeline above isn’t bad but how about challenging your students to produce a better one…? Credit to bringing TimeToast to my attention must...


The educational value of creative disobedience

Via the excellent math for love blog I learned about an article written in the Scientific American magazine called The educational value of creative disobedience. The article is a powerful argument against traditional ‘chalk and talk’, direct-instruction teaching methods which it says have been scientifically demonstrated to be less effective than creative, problem solving teaching styles. It argues that traditional...


The Best From The Blogs 25/07/11

There are lots of great maths bloggers out there in cyberspace. To keep my readers up to date with some of the great content and ideas being shared in the maths-blogosphere I’m going to occasionally do posts titled “The Best From The Blogs” which will feature links to excellent blog posts from other authors. So without further ado, here’s the...


NASA Space Shuttle Glider

    Looking for a nice lesson to finish the term on? Why not get your pupils making and flying these brilliant NASA Space Shuttle Gliders? Celebrate the safe return of the final shuttle flight with this fun lesson! Download the NASA Space Shuttle Glider


If Facebook and Twitter had a baby they’d call it… Google +

  One of the really great things about blogging is the community feeling and the sharing of ideas between people with like-minds to your own. I regularly use Twitter and have built up a great network of people to follow who work in education and share similar passions to myself. I do often feel like it would be great to...


If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest ICT technologies being used in education then you might like to checkout The site provides video summaries of the latest tech being used in classrooms that must not be greater than 10 minutes in length. I can’t recommend this site highly enough. Superb.


Using Pythagoras to do up your shoes

I put a request out in the TES forums for ICT resources and lesson ideas. A chap called Kevin Bertman replied sharing many great ideas which are all on his fantastic website e to the i pi. Although it’s not an ICT resource, a superb idea he had as an investigation into using Pythagoras’ Theorem was to use it to...


Angle facts- getting the language right

Using the correct language when giving reasons for solving angle problems is very important and worth exam marks. “Angles on a straight line” isn’t good enough if they don’t put “add up to 180 degrees” with it. Here’s a lovely activity which contains all the angle fact rules the pupils need to know but in a quiz format. The first...


Four ways of solving quadratic equations worked examples

    When I teach solving quadratic equations I really like the pupils to have the opportunity to explore the pros and cons of each of the four solution methods. However, before they get there they need to be comfortable with all the methods… I like giving them a quadratic equation and then getting them to produce a poster showing...