Brand New MathsMaster.Org Site Is Live!

We are pleased to announce that the brand new MathsMaster.Org site is now live!

View the new site!

Improvements and Features

  • All videos are accessible from the homepage making finding that exact video you want much quicker.
  • Videos open directly as an overlay which means you don’t even need to leave the homepage!
  • Videos now play in the YouTube player which means the site is fully functional on all Apple devices (iPods, iPhones, iPads etc)
  • The website is now written in HTML5 so when Flash eventually dies out, we won’t. It loads much quicker too!

All these improvements are about three things: ease of use, ease of use and ease of use. You shouldn’t need a PHD to navigate a website.

Albert Einstein once said:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.

We hope MathsMaster.Org has just taken a big step towards this ideal and that you and your pupils continue to find it a fun and effective way to learn maths. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site! Feel free to leave comments below!


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  1. Shehla Ijaz says:

    I found this website extremely useful, videoed are well explained and detailed. I would recommend to all Maths teachers

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