Fantastic ideas for engaging learners

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  1. Dave Gale says:

    These are great ideas.

    I particularly like all the starters and the word box.

    Who was the AST and Attlee they on twitter?

    AST maths

    • Hi Dave,

      The AST was a lady called Mrs Biddle. Don’t think they do Twitter unfortunately. I’ll ask her when we get back and let you know if she does have an online presence.

      I totally agree they are awesome ideas. I use them a lot.



  1. 02/01/2012

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  2. 10/01/2012

    […] We had a fantastic INSET day this week which included a session by an AST about activities to engage learners and raise motivation levels. I’ve summarised the key ones relevant to maths below for your interest. There are some wonderful ideas in here that I’m definitely going to experiment with. Fantastic ideas for engaging learners | Great Maths Teaching Ideas […]

  3. 20/01/2012

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