Monthly Archive: June 2011

Brand New MathsMaster.Org Site Is Live!

We are pleased to announce that the brand new MathsMaster.Org site is now live! View the new site! Improvements and Features All videos are accessible from the homepage making finding that exact video you want much quicker. Videos open directly as an overlay which means you don’t even need to leave the homepage! Videos now play in the YouTube player...

Fantastic ideas for engaging learners

We had a fantastic INSET day this week which included a session by an AST about activities to engage learners and raise motivation levels. I’ve summarised the key ones relevant to maths below for your interest. There are some wonderful ideas in here that I’m definitely going to experiment with. I haven’t any specific maths-related resources made for these activities...

Random Art Coordinates!

Mix maths with art to get in some practice of plotting coordinates in the first quadrant with this fun and engaging activity! Download Random Art Coordinates Activity View a video explaining the activity below:

Real World Maths- Tsunami Investigation Using Google Earth

  As the end of the academic year looms you may be looking for some project-based activities to give your classes. provides lesson ideas and resources based on using Google Earth to do real world maths investigations. One of the many investigations on the site is into the speed and height of the Tsunami waves generated in the 2004...


Next time you are confronted by the question “what’s the point in maths” you might like to send the enquirer to this fantastic site: It features lots of content showing how maths is used in the real world for fun, interesting and important jobs. Beautifully designed, this site is very engaging. Great!

Maths and Multimedia Blog Carnival 12

  The highly successful and interesting Maths and Multimedia Blog Carnival is now accepting entries for its 12th edition. Visit this page to enter your contributions now!