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In not too long I believe Geogebra will be the leading dynamic algebra/geometry software used in maths education around the world. Whilst it’s competitors, Calibre and Geometer’s Sketchpad are enjoying the major market share, primarily from being first to market, Geogebra is gaining pace rapidly and has many advantages which I am certain will allow it to supersede the foregoers in this area.

To begin with Geogebra is free and always will be. It is more intuitive to use and more visually attractive. The killer functionality, in my opinion, that will make Geogebra to only place we turn to for dynamic algebra/geometry is the ability to convert the files into flash-based web applets which can then be embedded in websites. Whilst this may sound complicated, I can assure you it is very straightforward. As we all push for more independent learning with our pupils, Geogebra’s ability to take dynamic algebra/geometry to our pupils’ home computers and mobile phones is very exciting.

I have created many applets so far, some of which I have integrated into my pupil-focussed www.MathsMaster.Org website. View examples of these applets:

Graph Transformations

Shape Properties

Over time I plan to move and improve all the Georgebra resources which currently reside in my Geogebra Resources page on this website to the MathsMaster.Org site so both teachers and pupils alike can have access to them.

I am also excited to bring to your attention a blog devoted solely to sharing Geogebra applets: Geogebra Applet Central. This blog was founded by Guillermo Bautista, an expert in the use of Geogebra and particular in training people how to use it within a teaching context. There is an excellent series of tutorials on Guillermo’s Mathematics and Multimedia blog if you are interested in getting to grips with Geogebra.

Definitely add Geogebra Applet Central to your bookmarks and keep an eye on the exciting applets being shared on there. I hope to contribute many myself in the future.

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