Project MathsMaster.Org

Introducing Project MathsMaster.Org! A website dedicated to giving pupils excellent free videos that they can watch to help them with their maths.

The emphasis of the videos is on developing pupils’ understanding rather than just teaching them a method. Videos are deliberately not levelled and certainly don’t mention any fashionable edu-jargon. They focus solely on understanding and quality teaching and learning. That’s what I believe is important.

I’m uploading new videos whenever I can and plan to do one for every topic we teach in secondary school maths. In the long term I’d also like to include videos about interesting bits of maths history, facts and tricks.

Currently the site is in it’s early days, with just 11 videos live so far all in the number category, but those videos have already been viewed by more than 300 different people in just the last two weeks!

I really look forward to developing this new site and would encourage you to follow it’s development and share it with your pupils!

Visit www.MathsMaster.Org

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