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This past year I’ve found that mentioning any of Apple’s shiny wonder-devices really engages the pupils. It mustn’t be overdone but a couple of examples I’ve used include:

Designing questionnaires– imagine you have been asked to design the iPhone 5. You need to design a questionnaire to find out what people want in the next iPhone.
Percentage decreases– the Apple Store offers discounts for students and teachers. I’ve got the pupils to calculate the cost of buying iPods, iPads, Macs etc by applying the percentage decreases they are entitled to.

    I’m really getting into using infographics  when teaching data handling topics. They are a great way to show the power of graphs and charts to communicate an important idea. The following infographic shows the selling power of the iPad. How about using this to engage pupils on a pie chart or a percentage topic?

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    3. Good ideas about using infographics – where do you get them from? (bottom picture is bugging me though: 14% is more 1 in 7 than 1 in 6!)

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