Corners- Times Tables Fun

Product of 45 and 256. Note the order of the n...

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Put one pupil standing in each corner of the room. A pupil from the remaining ones shouts out a times table question. The first of the four pupils in the corners to shout out the correct answer wins. They then get to move to one other corner of the room. They can’t move diagonally so have to follow a wall to another corner. If there is a pupil in the corner the winner moved to they are ‘knocked out’ of the game by the winner and have to sit back down in the middle of the room. The next round then starts with another pupil in the middle shouting out a times table question… The winner is the last pupil standing. The winner then has to defend their title in the next game against three fresh contestants.

Pupils really seem to love this one! Thanks to Mr Bridges for suggesting this excellent game!

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