Monthly Archive: February 2011


The iPad Infographic

This past year I’ve found that mentioning any of Apple’s shiny wonder-devices really engages the pupils. It mustn’t be overdone but a couple of examples I’ve used include: Designing questionnaires– imagine you have been asked to design the iPhone 5. You need to design a questionnaire to find out what people want in the next iPhone. Percentage decreases– the Apple...


Why do we teach the way we do?

An issue I regularly wrestle with in my mind is the conflict between my ideologies about learning (including the reasons that lead me into teaching) and the standardised, exam-focussed reality where results are given so much importance. Whilst visiting theĀ fantastic Mathematics and Multimedia blog by Guillermo Bautista, I stumbled across an excellent video that addresses many of the conflicts discussed...


Escher’s Waterfall Is Real!

In October 1961 Dutch artist M.C. Escher published his famous painting Waterfall which shows a paradox: perpetual motion as water runs up hill and then falls back to the beginning, driving a water wheel. Until now it’s been thought this was impossible…. Check out this video!!!


Adding fractions. The Macarena Method!

There are some constants in life. This is extremely reassuring. Like it or not, 100 years from now people will still be complaining about politicians and the government. One other constant will be that children’s uncles will still beĀ embarrassingĀ themselves at cheesy wedding discos, pulling out all their best dance moves to the wince of all their relatives. Whilst not a...


Designing good questionnaires

A colleague of mine, Mr Street, produced a fantastic presentation that explains the dos and don’ts of designing a questionnaire. The presentation was made using the Prezi website, a fantastic free service that allows you to produce presentations that make Powerpoint look like it should have retired years ago! Click here to view the presentation.


What did they learn? How do you know?

I’ve got a formal observation with my Headteacher this week. It’s the first time he has observed me and I know he always asks three questions in the feedback session: What did you want them to learn? What did they learn? How do you know? I’m a teacher that likes to ‘get stuck in’, regularly circling the room checking my...


Corners- Times Tables Fun

Put one pupil standing in each corner of the room. A pupil from the remaining ones shouts out a times table question. The first of the four pupils in the corners to shout out the correct answer wins. They then get to move to one other corner of the room. They can’t move diagonally so have to follow a wall...