Get your six hats on, we’re going to review some questionnaires!

Edward De Bono‘s “Six Hat Thinking” gives a structured approach to teaching pupils how to think effectively and in a balanced way. It’s ideal for learning that requires higher-order thinking processes such as analysing and evaluating that are towards the top end of Bloom‘s Taxonomy.

This week my year 7 class are bringing in a questionnaire they did for homework. The lesson is based on working in pairs to effectively evaluate each other’s questionnaires and to suggest improvements. The plenary will be about pupils reviewing the suggestions they have received and formulating a plan that they will then use to improve their questionnaire.

The following resource is the scaffolding I’m providing to guide their evaluation and planning. It’s based around using Six Hat Thinking in the classic yellow, black, green, blue sequence that is so effective for evaluating and improving ideas. Feel free to download the worksheets and use them for your own classes!

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