Do your kids know what they have to do to get their GCSE target grade?


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With Assessment For Learning given great importance these days, informing pupils what they must learn to achieve their target grade should be common practice. There are many resources out there presenting the levelling criteria in many different ways, some turning them into ‘kid-speak’ to make them easier for the pupils to understand.

A particularly fantastic set of resources to support pupils at Key Stage 4 were produced by Claire Powis, an Advanced Skills Teacher working in Kent. You can visit here blog here.

The following are Claire’s resources showing pupils, in each of the 4 different areas (algebra, number, data, shape etc) what they must do to move from their current grade to the next one above:

Click here to download the NUMBER resource

Click here to download the ALGEBRA resource

Click here to download the SHAPE, SPACE AND MEASURE resource

Click here to download the DATA HANDLING AND PROBABILITY resourceĀ 

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