Designer Worksheets… Whatever Next?

One of my fantastic teaching colleagues introduced me to a new website today:

It’s simply brilliant! It creates worksheets for you on a large variety of topics and offers you many options to customise them. For example, if you want a worksheet on adding fractions you can choose whether you want ones with common denominators, different denominators where one is a multiple of another, different denominators where you need to use LCM, whether none, one or two of them should be mixed numbers etc… You can even choose the font of the text!

Where this website really succeeds is, for all the options you have to customise the worksheets, it is very easy, quick and intuitive to use.

A fantastic resource for maths teachers!

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  1. Steve Croft says:

    Sounds great but is there not a temptation for some teachers to indulge in death by worksheet? 10 ticks is a fantastic resource but I have seen it misused. How do we manage our less creative colleagues?

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