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Have you ever lost important photos, music or document files through your computer harddrive or memory stick breaking? If not, are your files at risk from these failures? Do you sometimes want to work on a file that lives on your work computer? If so, doesn’t it get quite challenging after emailing it backwards and forwards a few times to remember what is the ‘latest version’? Do you ever want to share files with people that are too large to attach to an email?

If any or all of these challenges are frustrating you and making you less productive, you need Dropbox! It solves them all and the best bit is, it’s free! I could go into great depth trying to explain how this wonderful product works, but this video does it brilliantly:

How Dropbox works

I’ve found Dropbox to be very useful in taking away my ICT worries whilst I’m teaching. There are two areas where it has made my life a whole lot easier:

  1. Working on files from home. If I take a set of books home to mark in front of the television I like to have my Excel markbook open on my Macbook so I can enter homework scores straight into my markbook as I go along. This used to mean taking my work PC laptop home or emailing my markbook backwards and forwards each day. Now, using Dropbox, I know that when I open my markbook on my Macbook at home that it will be the same file that I edited a few hours earlier on my work laptop and I know when I get to work in the morning that the file on my laptop will include my changes from the night before. Pure Dropbox magic!
  2. I like to have all my teaching resources saved electronically. If I find a fantastic worksheet online whilst browsing the web one night I just put it in my Dropbox on my Mac and I know that it will automatically be available to me on my work laptop when I need it without me even having to think about it! Of course it works both ways!

‘Cloud’ (online) data storage solutions are numerous. I’ve been using Google Docs for quite a while and love it’s collaboration functionality. I love Dropbox too because it acts just like a normal folder on your computers and works without you having to do anything! The best bit is that you can get to your files even if you don’t have an internet connection. (It synchronises them up again when a connection becomes available).

A truly brilliant solution if you want to keep your files safe and/or if you use more than one computer and you want to transfer files between them. Say goodbye to that memory stick! A very well-thought-through time saver!

Try Dropbox free for yourself by clicking here!

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