Monthly Archive: December 2010


Dividing Fractions- The Awkward Question

  Image via Wikipedia You are negotiating the shark invested waters of the Sea of Misconceptions which nestles itself within the vast barren plains in the province of Understanding Fractions, and you reach the point where you tell them that to divide one fraction by another you turn the second one upside down and then multiply them. The class is...


Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 6

Welcome to the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival 6! Many thanks for Math Hombre for passing on the baton from their excellent Fifth Edition. Six is a fantastic number, in fact, it’s a Perfect Number! It’s the smallest Perfect Number! Before we dive into the best December posts from the Carnival submissions I’m going to set you a challenge! All...


Understanding quadratic sequences

Has one of your pupils ever asked you why you have to halve the second difference of successive terms in a quadratic sequence to get the coefficient of the n^2 in the nth term rule for the sequence?


Dropbox- making life a whole lot easier

Have you ever lost important photos, music or document files through your computer harddrive or memory stick breaking? If not, are your files at risk from these failures? Do you sometimes want to work on a file that lives on your work computer? If so, doesn’t it get quite challenging after emailing it backwards and forwards a few times to...


Real Life Vectors- Planes Landing In Crosswinds

I had a real challenge trying to convince my year 11s today of the awe-and-wonder of vectors and how we could have achieved little as a human race without them. I explained how I used to design buildings taking advantage of the wonderful addition properties of vectors by taking all the forces on a building and summing them such that...


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have been selected to host the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival! Call for submissions!

Great Maths Teaching Ideas is proud to announce that we have been selected to host the Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival on 29th December 2010! This consists of a monthly publication of the best blog articles in cyberspace that discuss connections between mathematical topics, difficult to teach topic discussions, proofs of mathematical curiosities that are accessible by secondary school students,...