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The next time you are in the computer room and looking for an alternative to the excellent MyMaths, consider sending your students to these interactive online logic puzzle games. This brand new page on the Great Maths Teaching Ideas website features lots of classic logic puzzle games that promote problem solving and arithmetic skills. The puzzles are supplied by the excellent Conceptis Puzzles website and are updated daily.

There is a puzzle for all abilities of student from Dot-To-Dot (renamed Dot-a-Pix) right up to the fiendishly difficult Hashi. Classic Sudoku is in there with other classics like Battleships and Kakuro. Maze-a-Pix is a classic maze solving game with the twist that when you colour in the solution path it creates a picture!

The Interactive Online Puzzle Games webpage will now live on the resources page which you get to by clicking on the ‘resources’ tab at the top of the website.

Great for computer room or cover lessons or just to flex your own mental muscle now and again…

Have fun!

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