Maths Revision Wordsearches

Consolidation of knowledge is an important part of the learning process. Revisiting topics to recap concepts and ideas is vital to prevent acquired knowledge disappearing into the black hole that is the asymptote of the forgetting curve. If pupils can get themselves up to the higher-order thinking skills of being able to summarise a topic, you know they’ve learned it pretty well.

I’ve created a compilation of resources that are based on pupils summarising their understanding of key secondary school maths concepts and ideas. The resources are wordsearches where the pupils typically search for a missing word and then have to describe the meaning of it or give an example. The missing words are all important maths concepts. In addition to focusing on consolidation of conceptual knowledge, the resources reinforce literacy and the correct use of maths vocabulary. Putting these aims within the context of doing a wordsearch hopefully makes the task more engaging and enjoyable for the pupils.

Click here to download the resources. I used to charge for them but have now decided to make them available for free! I hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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