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You might have noticed there have been a few big changes to the website recently. In case you haven’t found them yet, here’s a quick summary of how the site has been improved.

As time goes on I’d like to add more and more different types of resources to the site, making them freely available for download by anybody. At the top of the page you will now see a new ‘resources’ tab which will take you to a page where you choose which resources you are after. This makes the top of the page much neater and more intuitive.

If you click on the ‘resources’ page you will notice that in addition to the Geogebra and homework video resources that were already there, I have now added every single resource produced by the Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP). All 700+ of them! You will find a worksheet, an activity and more for just about every topic taught in secondary school maths! Thanks very much to CIMT who gave me permission to do this. All the resources are PDF files and freely available for download.

The Geogebra resources are proving very popular with the page being the second most visited on the site (after the home page). There are now Geogebra interactive files for every angle topic taught in secondary maths including all the circle theorems. There are also files on straight line graphs, quadratics and enlargements. I add to these every time I get inspiration for a new one. If you have any ideas please get in touch!

The online video home works have been well received by the pupils so far. There are only a few videos on there at the moment but I am adding more every time I get a spare moment.

On the resources page there is also a section called ‘Maths Video Resources’. I like playing a video occasionally to engage pupils in a lesson. On this page I have tried to compile links to all the best educational maths videos I know about. This will grow over time as I find more and more.

Finally, at the top of the page you will see there is now an online shop. It is my belief that maths resources should be free for everyone’s benefit but I do understand that people need to put meals on the table. The online shop is associated with amazon.co.uk which provides the merchant and shipping facilities. I’ve tried to find the best maths resources to include in the shop, often by personal recommendation from practicing colleagues. With Christmas coming up you’ll know where to look for a present for that nerdy maths teacher!

The site got over 2000 visitors in it’s first month and traffic continues to grow quickly. I hope that you continue to enjoy the site as it moves forwards and more than anything else, you find it useful!

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